Aolan Drone Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, which is the first batch of high-tech enterprise supported in China. We concentrate on agricultural technology development and services for more than 8 years experience. We have own professional R&D team with rich experience, and had already obtained CE, FCC, R0HS, ISO9001, OHSAS18001,ISO14001 and 18 patents.

Our sprayer drones are mainly used in the agricultural field. It can spray liquid chemical, spread granule fertilizers. At present we have 6 axis / 4 axis and different capacity sprayer drones as per payload 10L, 20L,22L & 30L. Our drone with the functions of autonomous flight, AB point flight, obstacle avoidance and terrain following flying, real-time image transmission, cloud storage, intelligent and efficient spraying etc. One drone with extra batteries and charger can work continuously for a whole day and cover 60-150 hectares field. Aolan drones make agriculture easier, safer & more efficient.

Our company has a team of 100 pilots, and had actual spraying more than 800,000 hectares farm since 2017. We have accumulated very rich experience in UAV application solutions. Meanwhile, more than 5000 units drones have been sold to domestic and overseas market, and won high praise at home and abroad. Our company is committed to building a complete Agriculture Sprayer Drone supply chain to provide professional and efficient plant protection products. After many years development, We have reached stable production capacity and provided various OEM/ODM service, Welcome agents to join us to achieve win-win.

What We Have

Frame Structure

The frame adopts the encircling folding method, which is convenient for transfer and transportation. With the short wheelbase design, the aircraft has strong anti-shake resistance and is not easy to blow up. With a chain structure of 6061 aluminum alloy, the frame is more durable.
The folding parts are made of nylon material, adopting integrated injection molding. Compared with aluminum alloy folding parts, folding parts will be no virtual position after long-term use. In the event of an explosion, the folded parts can also be used as unloading points to protect the main frame from damage, and damaged parts are easy to replace.

Modular Design

The power distribution board adopts an integrated glue filling process, and there is no need to disassemble the power distribution board to install the power and flight control. The power modules and power distribution boards use quick-plug plugs to improve the efficiency of assembly and maintenance. The Hobbywing 200A anti-sparking module has a better anti-sparking effect and less trouble than AS150U on the market.
Fully waterproof body
The protection level reaches IP67, protecting the fuselage from dust and pesticide invasion, and the fuselage can be washed directly with water.

Pluggable Design

Pluggable pesticide tank can be replaced at any time according to different drugs to prevent drug damage. The Tattu 3.0 is a new generation smart battery with optimized plug&play installation, supports 3C fast charging and Max.150A continuous current, the lifespan can be more than 1,000 cycles. The smart charger can support up to 60A charging, the battery can be fully charged in 20 minutes, and 4 batteries can support continuous operations.

Quality and After Sales

There is an independent R&D team in Shenzhen, which is closer to the forefront of the industry and market. The factory has more than 1 million mu of government projects every year, and each model has been tested for more than one year to ensure the stability and durability of each UAV.
Taking strict production and testing process, ensure that the quality of each drone that leaves the factory meets the standard.
There is a professional after-sales team to ensure that customers can repair the drone on the same day after being damaged to ensure efficiency during the operating season.
The flight data( including the acres of operation, spray flow, operation time, location, etc ) can be monitored in real-time by the platform. It is convenient for customers to arrange operations and make statistics.

Proxy Mode

Aolan is more than just a distributor of industry-leading agricultural drone manufacturers; we also offer turnkey systems. We will provide you with a professional after-sales and service system if you work with us. From equipment operation to after-sales support, our operational capabilities are comprehensive. If you have an interest in the prospects and sales of agricultural drones, we welcome your cooperation.
If you are unfamiliar with agricultural drone sprayers, Aolan is an excellent place to begin.
Do you operate a productive retail or custom application company? If so, the Aolan Business Package is right for you.


Regional Retailer
Multi-Location Independent Retailer
Noxious Weed Contractors

Support for our application service contractors extends well beyond the sale of our equipment - Aolan's support and training programs are truly one of the ways we set ourselves apart, and we take this seriously. We don't just sell you equipment, we help you use it. Indeed, your success is also our success!



Aolan provides application service contractors, including

Product Sales Process
Product Application Process
Drone Use Tutorial
Drone Training Tutorial
UAV After-Sales Service
UAV Parts Replacement Service

Our support packages include everything necessary for the safe operation and delivery of commercial drone application services. Everything you need to fly and apply has already been taken into account, so you don't have to worry about it!

Aolan certification training is required for all application service contractors. Aolan provides single drone and swarm training courses that all meet FAA requirements for operating Aolan unmanned aerial systems for precise commercial applications.

As an Aolan Application Services Contractor, our training prepares you for pilot and operational success. Students will learn preflight and postflight operations, including mission planning and execution, as well as system assembly, transport, and calibration. You can also receive training in business, marketing, and operations in order to incorporate Aolan into your existing or new agribusiness.

Our training is designed for pilot and operational success as an Aolan Application Services Contractor. Students will learn pre-flight and post-flight operations, such as mission planning and execution; and system assembly, transport, and calibration. You can also get business, marketing and operations training on how to incorporate Aolan into your existing or new agribusiness.