4 axes 30 liters sprayer drone for agriculture spraying and spreading

Short Description:

Thickened carbon fiber, ensure lightweight and high strength,oblique folding design, smaller size;

Larger capacity intelligent lithium battery, dual water pump design integrated flowmeter system;

Front and rear obstacle avoidance radar for safe flight.

  • Payload: 30L/30kgs
  • Spray width: 8-10m
  • Spray efficiency: 12-15 hectare/H
  • Flying time: 10-15 minutes
  • Battery capacity: Tattu 3.0 28000mAh smart battery
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    The fuselage adopts a low-front and high-rear design to reduce air resistance during flight and improve spraying efficiency.

    The arm adopts an oblique folding design, which reduces the volume by 60% compared with the same capacity drone. The new model is more convenient to transport and store.

    The folding part of the arm is upgraded to a one-button buckle, which greatly enhances the stability and makes it easier to operate.

    The battery slider material of the new model has been upgraded to nylon carbon fiber, which is smoother and more stable than before, making it easy to replace.

    The bottom of the medicine tank is integrated with water pump and flow meter. The waterproof joint is pre-installed, which is convenient for future maintenance and replacement.

    The waterproof level of the distribution board reaches IPX7, and the connectors of spraying and spreading are detachable. It allows users to replace different operating devices at any time.

    The new model is equipped with a smart distribution board and a tiled heat sink to make its heat dissipation more efficient. It supports fault detection and storage, accurately locates the cause of the fault, and integrates functions such as anti-ignition, power monitoring, data recording, and CAN communication.


    Model AL4-30 (new pattern) AL4-20 (new pattern)
    Capacity 30L/30kg 20L/20kg
    Net weight 25.5kg 24kg
    Take-off weight 70kg 55kg
    Nozzle: 8 pcs high-pressure nozzles 8 pcs high-pressure nozzles
    Spray width 8-10m 7-9m
    Spray efficiency 12-15 hectares/hour 9-12 hectares/hour
    Spray flow 3.5-4 L/min 3.5-4 L/min
    Fly time 10 mins 10 mins
    Spray speed 0-10 m/s 0-10 m/s
    Battery 14S 28000 mAh smart battery 14S 22000 mAh smart battery
    Charger 3000W 60A smart charger 3000W 60A smart charger
    Wind resistance 10 m/s 10 m/s
    Flying height 0-60 m 0-60 m
    Flying radius 0-1500 m 0-1500 m
    Spread size 3000*2440*630mm 2950*2440*630mm
    Folded size 940*645*650mm (0.39方) 940*645*610mm(0.37方)
    Package size 1440*910*845mm 960*850*850mm
    Packed weight 120kg 85kg

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