Advantages of Multi rotor Spray UAV

The advantages of multi -axis multi -rotor drone: similar to helicopter, slow flight speed, better flight flexibility can be hovering at any time, which is very suitable for operating in uneven plots such as hills and mountains. This kind of drone The professional requirements of the controller are low, and the operating mode of the aerial camera is the same; the disadvantage of the drone is small, and the battery is required frequently to replace the battery or perform drug adding operations. Compared with traditional spray methods, multi -axis multi -rotor agricultural plant protection drones have many advantages:

(1) Multi -axis multi -rotor drone has the advantages of saving medicine, water saving, and reducing pesticide residues;

(2) The biggest advantage of drone spraying is the efficiency of operation. The operating efficiency is more than 25 times the efficiency of traditional spraying drugs, which can effectively alleviate the current shortage of rural labor force. It can make rapid and effective reactions when the outbreak of large -scale diseases and insect pests, reducing economic losses caused by pests and insect pests;

(3) Good control effect. The downward air flow generated by the rotor when flying by the drone can increase the penetration of the drone spray, and the pose of the drug sprayed by the drone penetrates the whole tree down the air flow from the rotor of the drone to ensure the whole tree to ensure the whole The effect of tree spraying; (4) The health of farmers is guaranteed. Drone spraying is operated by the drone flying company. Farmers are responsible for providing the potion and water required for spraying. Farmers do not need to directly enter the ground. The drone flight control personnel use the remote control drone to spray drugs, coupled with professional protection measures, which greatly reduces the poisoning incident caused by spraying;

(5) The requirements for take -off conditions are low. The multi -axis multi -rotor drone can take off and land vertically. Even the complex terrain can be adapted well. There is no need for a special runway like a fixed wing drone;

(6) Less destructive. The addition of drugs for plant protection drones is completed at the drone’s take -off point, and then take off and perform spraying operations over the orchard. Compared with traditional spray methods and large machinery enters the orchard for spraying operations, drones can spray medicines. Reduce many unnecessary branches and leaves.

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Post time: Nov-05-2022