10L Cost-Effective Farm Machinery Equipment Agriculture Drone Sprayer For Crops Spraying

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Our company’s agricultural spraying drone is an intelligent, remote-controlled, miniature aircraft used for spraying pesticides. Small and powerful, the body can carry 10 kg of insecticides for spraying at low height. Agricultural spraying drones have powerful ultra-low-altitude flying capabilities, and the flying spraying technology is flexible, easy to control, and has a high safety factor; it can assist farmers in farming to a great extent, and under the guarantee of low costs, it reduces labor costs and pesticide costs.

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1. The agricultural drone is powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor. The body's vibration is minimal, and it can be outfitted with precision equipment to spray pesticides with greater accuracy.
2. The terrain specifications are minimal, and the operation is not altitude-restricted.
3. Rapid takeoff adjustment, excellent productivity, and high attendance.
4. No waste gas, in accordance with energy conservation, environmental preservation, and green organic agriculture development needs.
5. Simple upkeep, low use and maintenance costs.
6. Small overall dimensions, small weight, and portability.
7. Guarantee the power supply for agricultural drones.
8. It offers real-time image transmission and real-time attitude monitoring capabilities.
9. The self-stabilizing mechanism of the spraying device ensures that the spraying is always vertical to the ground.
10. Switch to attitude mode or GPS attitude mode, and you may pilot the helicopter to take off and land smoothly by just modulating the throttle stick during semi-autonomous takeoff and landing.
11. Loss of control protection allows the agricultural drone to automatically hover in place and wait for the signal to recover if the remote control signal is lost.
12. The attitude of the fuselage is automatically balanced, the joystick corresponds to the attitude of the fuselage, and the maximum attitude tilt is 45 degrees, which is appropriate for big maneuvering flight operations requiring dexterity.
13. GPS attitude mode (basic version lacks this capability, but it may be added via an upgrade); precise location and altitude locking; hovering precision is unaffected by windy conditions.
14. The design of the high-speed centrifugal nozzle may regulate the spraying speed of the liquid medication.


Model AL4-10L
Pesticide Tank 10L
Structure Umbrella foldable
Net weight 12kg
Take-off weight 26 kg
Battery capacity 12s 16000mAh*1pc
Spray speed 0-10 m/s
Spray width 4-5.5 m
Nozzle No. 4pcs
Spray flow 1.5-2L/min
Spray efficiency 5-6 hectares/hour
Wind resistance 10m/s
Drone Spread size 1100*1100*600mm
Drone Folded size 690*690*600mm

Aolan Sprayer drone company Provide OEM/ODM Services. We are agriculture spraying drones wholesaler, looking for distributors and agents all over the world.


1. Fashionable and exclusive appearance, waterproof grade: IP67. Core parts waterproof, internal equipment waterproof, dustproof and line protection.


2. Foldable smaller size, easy for storage and transportation Improve spraying efficiency.


3. Easy to Operate.


Manual mode:
Operate manually with remote control Integrated remote control. Support bluetooth and usb connection Ground station, image transmission.


Automatic mode:
Autonomous flight with App
Support multiple languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese etc.
Flight Routes Planning

4. Support night work.

Support spraying work during day and night.
Installed FPV with HD camera and LED night lights.


- 120 degrees wide vision, ensure flight more safer.


- Doubled bright night vision, create more possibilities for night-time spraying.

5. Good penetration and atomization effect.


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6. Terrain following and Obstacle avoidance function


The sprayer drone with terrain following radar can detect a real-time terrain environment and adjust the flight height automatically. Ensure cope with varying terrain.


The obstacle avoidance radar system perceives obstacles and surroundings in all environments, regardless of dust and light interference. Automatic obstacle avoidance and adjust flight functions to ensure flight safety during spraying.


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