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Our company’s agricultural drone utilizes the design of airborne atomization and spraying, which considerably improves the absorption of pesticides by crops and seedlings, and the design of aerial spraying does not harm the crops, thereby significantly increasing the crop survival rate.   In addition, the design of atomized spraying can reduce pesticide dosage by more than 50 percent, effectively lowering production costs. The gadget features an integrated GPS navigation system that can manage the height and position of the cropland, as well as the spraying height and spraying line precision.

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1. Flexible and simple.
The spraying drone offers powerful ultra-low flight capability, flexible and straightforward in-flight spraying technology, and a high safety factor. The spraying technology employs ultra-low-altitude spraying, which lowers mist droplet drift in non-spraying areas. Due to the significant increase in pesticide spraying, pesticide spraying by drone has become the fastest-growing technological field in recent years.

2. Economical and safe.
The use of spraying drones permits spraying employees to apply pesticides remotely, away from the spraying environment, so avoiding the risks of poisoning and heat stroke. In addition, the drone utilizes a specific preparation that is part of the ultra-low-volume application technology, just 300-500ml (including water) per mu, which may increase the use rate of pesticides by over 30%, save water and medications, and be environmentally safe.

3. Efficient and cohesive.
The spraying drone has a high efficiency for spraying. The spraying area is between 1 and 2 acres every minute, and the spraying area is between 200 and 300 acres per day, which is similar to the work output of 20 to 80 individuals. In addition, the row height for spraying can range between 0.5-2 meters. The massive airflow generated by the downward spiral wing drives the liquid medication straight onto the front and back sides of the crop leaves and the base of the stem, resulting in strong up and down penetration, little drift, and fine mist droplets. Spray uniformly.


Model AL6-30
Pesticide Tank 30L
Structure Umbrella foldable
Net weight 24.5 kg
Take-off weight 70 kg
Battery capacity 14s 28000 mAh
Spray speed 0-10 m/s
Spray width 8-10 m
Nozzle No. 8 pcs
Spray flow 3.5-4 L/min
Spray efficiency 12-15 hectares/hour
Wind resistance 10m/s
Drone Spread size 2865*2645*750 mm
Drone Folded size 1435*940*750 mm

Aolan Sprayer drone company Provide OEM/ODM Services. We are agriculture spraying drones wholesaler, looking for distributors and agents all over the world.


1. Fashionable and exclusive appearance, waterproof grade: IP67. Core parts waterproof, internal equipment waterproof, dustproof and line protection.


2. Pluggable smart battery, saves replacement time and improves spray efficiency.


3. Easy to Operate.


Manual mode:
Operate manually with remote control Integrated remote control. Support bluetooth and usb connection Ground station, image transmission.


Automatic mode:
Autonomous flight with App
Support multiple languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese etc.
Flight Routes Planning

4. Support night work.

Support spraying work during day and night.
Installed FPV with HD camera and LED night lights.


- 120 degrees wide vision, ensure flight more safer.


- Doubled bright night vision, create more possibilities for night-time spraying.

5. Good penetration and atomization effect.


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6. Terrain following and Obstacle avoidance function


The sprayer drone with terrain following radar can detect a real-time terrain environment and adjust the flight height automatically. Ensure cope with varying terrain.


The obstacle avoidance radar system perceives obstacles and surroundings in all environments, regardless of dust and light interference. Automatic obstacle avoidance and adjust flight functions to ensure flight safety during spraying.


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