Pesticide 20L Cheap Shipping Automatic Flight Agriculture Spraying New Uav Drones for Fumigation

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Ultrastrong structure,low-front and high rear design, reducing air resistance, powerful motors and efficient 40-inch propellers, high efficiency, one battery for two flights, more stable, long endurance,high precision GPS and positioning.


  • Payloads: 20KG/20L
  • Axes: 4 axes with 4 motors
  • Spray speed: 0.5-10m/s
  • Spray width: 7-9m
  • Spray efficiency: 9-12 hectare/H
  • Flying time: 10-15 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 14S 22000mAh
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    Model AL4-30 (new pattern) AL4-20 (new pattern)
    Capacity 30L/30kg 20L/20kg
    Net weight 25.5kg 24kg
    Take-off weight 70kg 55kg
    Nozzle: 8 pcs high-pressure nozzles 8 pcs high-pressure nozzles
    Spray width 8-10m 7-9m
    Spray efficiency 12-15 hectares/hour 9-12 hectares/hour
    Spray flow 3.5-4 L/min 3.5-4 L/min
    Fly time 10 mins 10 mins
    Spray speed 0-10 m/s 0-10 m/s
    Battery 14S 28000 mAh smart battery 14S 22000 mAh smart battery
    Charger 3000W 60A smart charger 3000W 60A smart charger
    Wind resistance 10 m/s 10 m/s
    Flying height 0-60 m 0-60 m
    Flying radius 0-1500 m 0-1500 m
    Spread size 3000*2440*630mm 2950*2440*630mm
    Folded size 940*645*650mm (0.39方) 940*645*610mm(0.37方)
    Package size 1440*910*845mm 960*850*850mm
    Packed weight 120kg 85kg

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